Project Futures vision is to create an empowered world where every person can take action against human trafficking and slavery. They do this by aligning themselves with like-minded companies and individuals and engage them to utilise their skills and talents to raise awareness and funds for their projects. This can be achieved through volunteering or attending official events and campaigns or taking ownership and creating your own in your local community. The incredible Stephanie Lorenzo founded Project Futures in 2009 and has raised millions of dollars for anti-human trafficking organisations around the world. One person can make a difference.

  • Wealth Enhancers believes in the importance of giving back to the community. In line with this, WE have partnered up with Project Futures which is an organisation that has created various outlets and tools to raise awareness and funds for anti-human trafficking projects. This non-profit organisation raises awareness and funding for programs dedicated to combating human trafficking and global sexual exploitation.
  • Just like Project Future, WE are passionate and would like to empower every person to take action against human trafficking and exploitation. WE take crime against humanity seriously and what better way to show this by partnering up with an organisation that uses their initiatives and has ownership to fight for this cause.
  • Our CEO, Sarah Riegelhuth, is so passionate about this cause she served as a board member for Project Futures¬†for several years.