I’ve spent a fair chunk of this week reviewing my personal financial goals, and setting my focus for the year.


sarah riegelhuth's personal financial plan

While I was doing it, I thought perhaps you might be interested in learning EXACTLY what I’m doing with my own money.

Rebecca (who’s my WE Financial Coach – we all have one around here!) and I recently made a couple of changes to my investment portfolios (I’m slowly moving everything into ethical funds), and I’ve also set up a new margin loan.

We practice what we preach


As you probably know, every Gladiator at WE is also a member, and one of our core values is: Get Rich Slow (practice what you preach, slow and steady, values led).


As the co-founder of WE, it’s always been important to me that not a single strategy or product is ever recommended to a member if it isn’t currently (or hasn’t previously been) used by myself, Finn or one of the team.

I’m fastidious about this.


I promised myself when I began as a Financial Coach, I’d never be the landscape gardener with the sh*tty garden. Or the builder with an unfinished house. Or whatever random analogy you can come up with for someone who advises and/or sells something to others but neglects, or worse, does something completely different for themselves.

So, where am I at personally?


Although I started with a bunch of smaller financial goals, I’m now working toward one main goal: my financial freedom number.

This is the number that represents the investible wealth I’ll need to generate a passive income stream that’ll mean I only ever work for pleasure.


Personally, I have no interest in retiring.


I LOVE to work. And I love the fact that I already get to work on something I’m incredibly passionate about everyday.


I want to ensure I can continue to do this into my future, and maintain the lifestyle I love. Basically… travel, outdoor adventure, snowsports, yoga, eating plants, my EO membership and the odd party or extravagance here and there.


I love and appreciate that I’m now in a financial position where I can cover off my shorter term goals. Now I can focus on the bigger picture of my financial future.

Calculate your personal financial freedom number

If you’re interested in determining what your financial freedom number is, we’ve created a nifty little calculator here (it’s just a guide but gives you a reasonable idea).

financial freedom number calculator

Or… if you just want to sticky beak into my personal financial plan, now you can!

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Sarah Riegelhuth's Personal Financial Plan


Sarah, CEO



Disclaimer: all information contained within this article is of a general nature. Do not rely upon it when making financial decisions. Please consult a professional financial advisor or planner (like us!) before acting.