Robert is a cornerstone of our support team, and uses his previous work experience working as an auditor, accountant, and financial adviser to drive our members towards their goals. Robert's not shy in telling people what they need to hear, including reminder our own coaches of what they need to do to hit their goals!

  • FAVE QUOTE. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
  • WE MOMENT. My first post coaching email. I felt I could let people know that it’s a great decision to manage their finances and have a financial plan to achieve their goals.
  • PROUD AS PUNCH. Being awarded as the most proactive international team member.
    Be healthy.
    Be generous.
    Think before you speak.
    Be independent.

  • EMBARRASSING MOMENT. I once rode a scooter down a road, my speed suddenly picked up and as I became rattled, I totally forgot how to operate the scooter, next thing I crashed into a pot of flowers.
  • TRUE TALL POPPY. When I was recommending improvements to policies and procedures in my work as an auditor, I knew I was confident in my knowledge and was able to demonstrate this by showing how we could make the processes even better.
  • PERFECT WEEKEND. Drive out of town, camp with friends.
  • $20 PERFECT DATE. Buy flowers, buy art paper and create my own card, buy cheap booze and enjoy!
  • Financial Advisor