Magali has worn many hats before from Operations Manager and Business Assurance Advisor to Production and Administration Manager. She brings to WE many years of customer service and leadership skills, gained in the corporate world, and teaches Zumba in her spare time! Her expertise and skills are a great addition to the team in her role as Member Happiness Manager.

  • FAVE QUOTE. Keep it real!
  • WE MOMENT. What was your Wealth Enhancers moment? (explain why / how you knew you wanted to work at WE and help people achieve the life of their dreams) It was all about the company culture and ways of working for me at first. It's just awesome to see such a diverse team working together towards the same goal!
  • PROUD AS PUNCH. I have many achievements that I'm really proud of, but I think the one that really still takes my breath away just thinking about it, is when I won a Gold Brick Award on the Wall of Fame at my previous company for exceptional leadership skills. My team at the time had prepared a 5-page story about why they thought I should win the award. I was and still am very humbled and proud of that achievement.
    Runner-up would be becoming a certified Zumba Instructor ;-)
  • 20 YEAR OLD SELF. Plan, set goals and save more, you don't stay 20 forever!
  • EMBARRASSING MOMENT. Gosh where do I start? I think it was way back in the day, when I was new to the corporate world, and I had to stand in front of 300 people and talk! I froze, could not utter a word at first. I was completely flustered, after a few minutes of NOTHING, I managed to say a few words in a quivering voice that sounded like I was about to pass out! Luckily my boss at the time saw what was happening and he came to my rescue and took over the speech...crazy moment.
  • PERFECT WEEKEND. Dance practice. Walk on the beach with my dogs. Lunch with mom and depending on weather watch series under the blankies!
  • $20 PERFECT DATE. I'm french, so it just has to be dinner for two at home. Menu: steak & salad, with a nice bottle of Merlot or Bordeaux.
  • Winner - Gold Brick Team Award exceptional Leadership skills (2012)
  • Nominated - Management Recognition Award (2012)
  • VP Award - C.A.R.E Contributor GSAP Go Live Canada (2012)
  • Award - Team Leader of the month (twice in 2013)
  • VP Award - Initiative of the month- Finance & Business Controls alignment Project (2013)
  • Certificate: Business Management, Damelin (1993)
  • Certificate: Business French Language Alliance Francaise (2008)
  • Certificate: Leadership Greatness Franklin Covey (2010)