April is our fantasmalistic Gladiator in charge of Member Happiness! Previously she worked for six years in the Government Public Sector before deciding they can’t hog all the happiness over there! Now she leads our WE Community team, helping to connect, educate and elevate our members. April's also the lead WE coffee connoisseur, just check out #WEcoffeeseries!

  • FAVE QUOTE. “You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get…” Michael Phelps.
  • WE MOMENT. My best friend Aimmey worked for Wealth Enhancers and invited me to an event and I was completely inspired!

    To see that people my age were helping and guiding others to be better – That was the game changer for me.
  • PROUD AS PUNCH. I was chatting with my friends one time about our life goals and what we wanted to do in life. We all spoke about ours individually and it came to the part of the conversation where I asked them what they had in place to achieve all these goals. All their answers were standard and expected but when I was asked the same in return I told them about #GRS, the coaching sessions I had and the way my cash flow was structured – my friends just sat there in an awe… That’s when I knew I was part of something bigger than myself and that I knew more than I thought I did.
  • 20 YEAR OLD SELF Don’t touch that term deposit account your mum set up for you!!! You’d be rollin’ in it by now!!!
  • EMBARRASSING MOMENT. Errr… when I fell down the stairs on my second day at the office!!! Oh GAWD!!!
  • TRUE TALL POPPY. It was at our quarterly retreat when we all read out our Painted Picture to each other. When I was writing mine down I thought it was so insignificant and unachievable. When we all shared ours with each other everyone was so supportive and determined to help one another in smashing out everything listed in their painted picture no matter how big or small or ridiculous the goal or dream was.

    At that moment I knew I was surrounded by some of the most incredible people.

    Waking up late.
    Brunch at Di Bella Cafe followed by a Bee-Sting pastry from Beatrix Bakery (both found in North Melb).
    Take a tram to Vic Market for groceries and then a light lunch at Katie’s Crab shack.
    Go home and have a nap! (I LURVE sleeping!!)
    Wake up from my nap and go for a walk or a swim at the North Melb Rec Center.
    Come back home and procrastinate til I have to get ready for date night with my BF!
    Repeat the following day but replace Vic Market visit with catching up with friends.
  • $20 PERFECT DATE A perfect date for me with only $20 would be a packed picnic at either the Botanical Gardens or the Beach with my BF.