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Meet Aaron…

Super passionate about functional fitness, he”™s a devoted father and all round nice guy! In his own words, he”™s thrown his personality into the KX brand and it shows!

If you”™ve ever had the pleasure of joining one of his dynamic group classes, it”™s easy to see how the business has seen such success. It”™s more than a fitness program but a mindset that promotes striving to be your best self through small and ongoing improvements. It”™s where being healthy and strong are the focus. And that”™s exactly how you will feel after a session.



What does a typical day look like for you?

I always train first thing in the morning. It kick-starts my day, puts me in a positive mind-frame and really just fires me up! The next couple of hours are usually spent with my 7-month old son Archer.

From 9am it”™s typically lots of management meetings, collaborating with different businesses or looking at the future vision of the brand. Also, with my position being at the top of the KX franchise network, a lot of my time goes into making everybody happy!

After work it”™s helping with the dinner/bath/bed routine and as soon as Archer”™s asleep it”™s back into work for a few hours. Each week I have one whole day with him at home, which was a goal we set when he was born and I”™m proud to say we”™ve made that happen.


What makes you jump out of bed and why?

I just love what I do. I love being around passionate people and that inspires and drives me! Everyone in my team shares this mindset so we feed off each other. The excitement of the unknown also motivates me. What”™s going to happen today and where the company is going next? We continue to evolve and innovate and that”™s very exciting.


Can you share with us some of your core values?

Equality is a huge value of mine. I hate the hierarchy people put themselves and others on based on their wealth or success. In my mind, a cashed up entrepreneur is no better than a 20-something trainer who”™s still living at home with his/her parents and owns nothing but a dream of starting his own thing. Both are as valuable as each other and have an equal amount to offer. In this respect being ethical is something I pride myself on, both in and out of business.

Passion is really huge for me and this ties in with what I do. Striving to be the best version of myself both physically and mentally is something I”™ve learnt first-hand. When I look back, the happiest times in my life are always when my body and mind are in the best shape they can be. Everything else just flows from there.


What is the ”˜why”™ behind what you do?

Being passionate about people and fitness is my ”˜why”™. It”™s about having the power to change people”™s lives and inspire them to make a change. It starts with improving their bodies, increasing their confidence and bringing them into the right frame of mind. From there everything else usually falls into place

It”™s no longer about aesthetics. Gone are the days where skinny is sexy, with strong being the new sexy. The focus is on functional fitness. It”™s about injury prevention and staying lean, healthy and athletic!

Most trainers find they get to a point in their career where they want to do their own thing but have a limited understanding of business. We”™ve coupled that together at KX and I”™m proud that all franchise owners are either clients that have fallen in love with the workout or trainers looking to do the next thing.


Prior to joining WE, what was your general attitude towards money?

I was a classic case of living pay cheque to pay cheque. With a growing business, and an increased cash-flow I was basically just chasing big shiny things. It wasn”™t thought out at all, especially long term. For me, it was difficult to think about my financial situation in 20 years- time.


At what point in your entrepreneurial journey were you introduced to WE?

I met Finn and Sarah a few years back but it wasn”™t until 2 years ago when we both moved to Sydney that we really connected. The business was growing and I had no idea what to do with the money, except spend it! I knew I needed advice and it seemed like a really good time to work together.

I was the one that approached them and after explaining my situation it was clear we were a perfect fit. From there it was “Great, sign me up!” and I haven”™t looked back.


What was the standout learning or realisation from the Financial Kickstart session?

I realised I needed them! I needed to take action about my future. It was the perfect time in my career to do that. And with a serious relationship and child on the way it became incredibly important to think about and allocate time to say “Ok where do you want to be in 20 years and how are you going to get there? As right now you”™re spending every cent you”™re earning.”

We realised we needed to marry up our goals (my partner Andi wanted to have a child I wanted to travel to South America). Making sure that we were on par with our goals and values, both shared and individual was an important lesson. As a result of that session, every year we now go away together for 4 days, by ourselves and work out our shared and individual goals and make sure the other person is on board with both.


Since joining WE, what specific behaviours or habits around money have now changed?

I only see the accounts I”™m allowed to spend as opposed to the entire lot. Andi is in charge of the rest. Surprisingly I barely spend half of the amount I”™m allocated each week.

So much is now going back into the business for growth, that if I need any extra for a rainy day (or an impromptu snowboarding weekend with the boys in New Zealand) it”™s there for me to pull out.

It”™s really great to not worry about where the money is being allocated on a daily basis. Then at the end of the year seeing how much has actually gone into each account or share portfolio is really rewarding.

I”™ve also increased all of my personal insurances and set up a will, which was something I needed to do but was always putting off. Being with WE forces us to think about and deal with those tough but important questions.

I now feel at ease and very confident that our finances are going where they should be. I know we are set up for life and that takes the weight off my shoulders and allows me to focus on what I”™m good at, which is growing the company.


What has been your biggest accomplishment since joining WE?

We”™ve smashed every single one of our goals and we”™re set up for the future. Holidays were big on our list and last year we did 5 overseas trips, all with allocated funds prior to each one as opposed to the other way around.

Purchasing our house and getting our super over $150k (since not having any) in just 2 years is pretty big. I remember WE explaining the benefits and value of superannuation, we also talked about the flexibility of having a self-managed super fund - all of a sudden the light dinged and we started throwing money in that direction.


What would you say would be the highlight since joining WE?

For me, it”™s great to sit down with WE each quarter and reflect on how much we”™ve achieved. That hour is really valuable for both Andi and I and it makes us stop, reflect on where we have come as well as look forward to what”™s to come.

I wish I got onto them in my 20”™s, I would have been putting money away and asset allocating earlier. I give them credit and sing their praises a lot purely because I know in only 2 years we”™ve achieved so much.


If a friend or entrepreneur asked you why they should join WE, what would you say?

I definitely recommend them to anyone as I see massive value in what they provide. It”™s so important to learn what you can and can”™t spend.

Similar to exercise, repetition and consistency are what gets you success, as motivation drops off eventually. I got really motivated during the first session but then sort of forgot about it all. The best part was everything was being taken care of behind the scenes. And that”™s why it”™s so awesome!


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