Kris Cochrane

CEO Rapid Health Group
Sydney, Australia
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Kris Cochrane

CEO Rapid Health Group
Sydney, Australia

Kris Cochrane grew up in country Tasmania and started life in Sydney in 2009 as a gym-floor Personal Trainer. By 2012 Kris had earned the title of the ‘6-Pack King of Sydney’ and was one of the most in-demand PT’s in town, with a waiting list of up to 6 months for new clients.
Kris founded Rapid PT in 2012, a Personal Training business that also provides outsourced service management for gym owners, and has since been described as the ‘Richard Branson of the Fitness Industry’, having built the business from a pipe-dream to Australia’s largest centrally owned PT company within the space of two years. An entrepreneur that epitomises what it means to be truly driven to succeed, Kris offers energising and no-BS viewpoints on business & life.

Kris Cochrane - entrepreneur, member since April 2015 Up until his 30th birthday, Kris had been a “Spender”. Kris came from a family where wealth creation wasn’t exactly a topic of conversation, and had never received any financial education in the school system, and although he had worked very hard and his business was very successful, he didn’t have any personal wealth strategies/structures in place (other than his business continuing to provide a cash-flow),

Recognising that he couldn’t continue on that path forever, and understanding that the majority of lottery winners end up broke again through lack of financial education, he decided to join WE. Kris was driven, not only to succeed in business, but also to build personal wealth (and learn about it in the process) so he could live freely, have choices and have a generally kick-ass life.

His goals are focused around:
• To be continually centered, confident and happy
• Develop his personal brand
• Travel the world for six months
• Build a strong and diversified investment portfolio
• To one day build a family and provide abundance and build a legacy for the Cochrane name

Through putting a plan in place for his goal, he is getting his sh*t together and felt empowered as an adult. He is always being reminded of his goals which helps him to continue moving towards them and making them are a reality.

”I’ve been educated and consulted with to build personalised strategies and the execution has been completely effortless. WE have been more than accommodating in getting me set-up and I feel empowered.”