ian Calpin

Head of Regional Expansion Vodafone Australia
Sydney, Australia
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ian Calpin

Head of Regional Expansion Vodafone Australia
Sydney, Australia

Ian is a strategically minded leader who uses his background in finance to drive intelligent decision making for senior business leaders. Formerly Head of Distribution & Regional Expansion at Vodafone Australia, he was a catalyst for senior management at Vodafone to ensure key decisions are made with full transparency and information; traversing minute detail across multiple business functions while maintaining focus on the big picture. Having recently taken on a new challenge at Salesforce.com, Ian is looking forward to driving the sales channel strategy for the APAC region. He is an Executive Member of the Balmain Water Polo Club where he helps maintain the operations, growth and strategic direction of Australia's oldest continuously operating sporting club.

Ian Calpin - professional, member since April 2015
When Ian joined WE, he was in the process of purchasing a new home. He and his partner were in good place personally and financially, however they wanted to be in a GREAT place and knew this meant that they needed to make adjustments to their habits and behaviors.

Ian is very good at using spreadsheets to plan out his finances, but he always struggled to stick to the structure that he had set for himself. He recognised that without support around his cash flow as well as guidance around making the most of what he has, he would never reach his true potential.

His goals were focused around:
• maintaining his current lifestyle
• renovate his new home
• regular trips back home to the US to visit family and friends
• get to Rio for the 2016 Olympics
• start a family and have the flexibility for his partner to take a year off work
• provide his children with the opportunity to have a private education
• upgrade his home in the future

For Ian, the Goals and Values session was confronting as he was provoked to think further about what he wanted in the next 5 to 10 years and beyond as well as the short-term sacrifices that needed to be made.

The structure that WE now has in place allows him to keep track of how he is progressing with his goals and being a numbers person, he really loves it!

Ian enjoys the benefits of the WE community and the opportunity to socialize and form friendships with other like minded members outside of his normal day to day life.

“WE is about similar or like minded people who share the same experiences and have the same idea where you’re coming from. You are able to leverage different community member’s specific knowledge. It is not about competing with someone, it is about what I want to achieve and how can I can best structure it.”